Hanna Kleber, the esteemed President of Corps Touristique, and KPRN network welcome an important study by Denkfabrik Zukunft der Gastwelt (DZG) and ASR (Association of Independent Travel Agencies), which sheds light on the outbound travel behaviour of Germans and underscores the immense economic importance of foreign tourism.

✅German outboundtourism is highly significant globally. While Germans themselves travel to various destinations within Germany, neighbouring countries heavily depend on Germantourism to boost their economies.

✅Different countries and regions across the globe benefit uniquely from tourism.🌎The economic contribution in tourist hotspots can be over 90% of economic output, quite a substantial amount!

✅ 2023 has been predicted to become one of the most expensive years in relation to travel with a 30% increase in travel expenses.

Are you interested in delving deeper into the economic significance of outbound tourism from Germany and the impact of foreign tourism on the economy? Click here to explore further: https://corps-touristique.de/neue-outbound-studie-der-dzg-denkfabrik