CT Award

Connecting Cultures 2024
The CT Award honors those people or projects that see travel not only as an experience, but as a way to build bridges between cultures and promote mutual understanding. Among the numerous nominations, six deserved candidates are selected by a specialist jury, three of whom eventually emerge as winners of the award.

Who can be awarded?

  • Promotion of intercultural exchange

    The prize could be awarded to projects or initiatives that promote exchange between different cultures and nations. This can be done, for example, by building partnerships, exchanging travelers or organizing intercultural events.

  • Promotion of interreligious dialogue

    The prize could also be awarded for projects that promote interreligious dialogue in tourism. This could be done, for example, by organizing interreligious encounters, visiting religious sites or promoting understanding and respect for different religious traditions.

  • Sustainable tourism

    An important aspect of international understanding is the promotion of sustainable tourism. The prize could be awarded to companies or organizations that promote environmentally friendly tourism practices, support local communities and preserve cultural diversity.

  • Education and awareness

    The prize could be awarded to initiatives that are committed to educating and raising awareness among travelers. This can be done by providing information material, training or workshops to promote understanding of other cultures and traditions and reduce prejudices.

Our partners

FVW Magazine
Media partner is the FVW, which presents nominated persons/projects and accompanies the award. CT destinations thus receive a relevant platform to present, make known and honor themselves and people/products from the tourism of their country.

CMT Stuttgart
CMT Stuttgart gives the winners a platform to introduce themselves at the press conference in January and at an exclusive event.

Criteria for the Nomination

  • The project must have existed for at least one year
  • It must be a new idea / a new project / a startup
  • The project is intended to promote the local community
  • The project is intended to promote smaller companies
  • The project should be an innovation
  • The project is to be marketed digitally
  • The project may involve an interreligious dialogue

  • The project is intended to preserve culture & cultural heritage
  • The project is supposed to prove an „openness“
  • The project can be aimed at climate protection/climate adaptation to protect the local habitat
  • The project can contribute to nature conservation/species protection in the region
  • The project can promote the equality of women (Women Empowerment)
  • The climate adaptation measures are important for the preservation of cultural places and lifestyles.

In addition, the following must be observed:

  • The nomination must be submitted through its own tourism association
  • Submission until 30. November 2024 to CT Board / President in German or English.

  • Last year’s winner cannot submit the same project in 2024

Submission of nominations

The nominated person or project is requested in a 1-page paper (max. 600 words) to be described.

  • WHAT is the project?

  • WHERE is it located?

  • WHAT does it include?

  • WHY is it particularly committed to the guiding theme?

For this purpose, three high-resolution photos (JPG, at least 300 dpi) must be submitted. In addition to the paper and the photos, a video message (max. 1 minute length; via smartphone is sufficient), which the person/project presents.

Deadline: 30.11.2024 via E-Mail to the CT


A neutral jury was formed by the CT board. The jury will come on the 3rd. December 2023 to size the nominations and to choose winners.

Petra Thomas

GF Forum anders reisen eV

Petra Thomas, is managing director of forum anders reisen e.V., the association for sustainable tourism. Since 2010, the archaeologist and art historian has represented the interests of the Sustainability Association vis-à-vis politics and the public. At the same time, Petra Thomas is involved in the board of the industry initiative Human Rights in Tourism e.V. as well as in the board of the Working Group for Tourism and Development and contributes her many years of tourism expertise to numerous advisory boards and committees.

Bente Grimm

NIT Kiel

Bente Grimm, is a sociologist (M.A.) and has been part of the team of the Institute for Tourism and Spa Research in Northern Europe GmbH (NIT) based in Kiel since 2003. The tourism researcher focuses on the topics of mobility and tourism acceptance and has also been responsible for the thematic special evaluations of travel analysis, the so-called modules, for many years. In her work, the topic of sustainability and in particular the social factors (which also include international understanding) plays an important role.

Marco Giraldo

GF Tourcert

Marco Giraldo, head of the internationally renowned consulting and certification organization for sustainability and corporate responsibility in tourism since 2015. Develops and is responsible for numerous projects in international development cooperation. Passionate about sustainability – act credibly and work together in partnership.

Günter Ihlau

Chairman of the Working Group on Cultural Tourism in the DRV

Günter Ihlau, is responsible for destinations and crisis management at TUI. Delegated from this function for the following national and international offices: Advisory Board for Tourism BMWI, Executive Board DZT. Advisory Board ITB, Chairman Destination Committee DRV, Executive Board CIST.


International as Vice President UNWTO Aff. Members, Vice President Ifto, Member Destination Affairs Ectaa.

Guido von Vacano

Member of the Management Board Messe Stuttgart

Guido von Vacano is involved in various projects and events in the field of sustainability and international understanding.

Klaus Hildebrandt

Editor-in-chief FVW/Travel Talk

Klaus Hildebrandt, has been at fvw | TravelTalk since 1992 and has been editor-in-chief of Germany’s leading specialist medium for the travel industry since 2000. The graduate economist also moderates many events such as the fvw | TravelTalk Congress or the workshops with travel agencies and organizers abroad.


João Sampaio e Castro

Turismo de Portugal
Zimmerstr. 56
10117 Berlin

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place as part of a press event at the CMT Stuttgart on the 21st. January 2025.

The aim is to present a number of 6 nominations and to welcome three winners of the award, if possible, personally. However, all nominees can also record a video message in advance in which they thank them for the award.

In addition to the award certificate, the FVW will write a report for the print magazine here and the CMT will dedicate a separate press release to the winners.